His legend, legacy, contribution and Foundation live on.

Chester Williams was the superstar winger of the Springbok team that won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. He was a much-loved, iconic and popular figure across the world of rugby. Chester represented the Springboks in 27 games, scoring 14 tries. He was the first black player to represent the Springboks in the new South Africa.

Chester achieved success coaching the Springbok 7’s and other teams in South Africa, Uganda, Tunisia, Romania and Croatia. His last coaching assignment was to improve the University of Western Cape and get them promoted to the Varsity Cup.

In 2014 Chester launched his Foundation to support projects for sports development, education, leadership development for the youth, community and social upliftment and medical assistance for low-income families.

We mourn the loss of our founder.

On the evening of 6 September 2019, our founder, Chester Williams, passed away unexpectedly.

The Foundation team mourns the death of our iconic South African legend. Chester launched his Foundation in 2014 to support the less fortunate. He wanted to assist the younger generation with education, sports development and community projects. Incredibly close to his heart was the informal settlement in Paarl which proudly bears his name since 1995.

After a lengthy period of mourning, our Foundation faced the difficult decision of whether we should close or continue. The decision was unanimous. It is now more critical than ever that we honour Chester’s name, legacy, and contribution to ensure that his Foundation continues with its essential work.

We miss his presence, especially when meeting with corporates, donors, and at events. Nothing will replace his gentle, humble, and unique approach when dealing with people. Chester would insist that we continue with his excellent work and his dreams to make a difference.

Maria Williams takes over the role of leader and patron of the Chester Williams Foundation. Our team will refocus and double its efforts to ensure that Chester’s legacy lives on.

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“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill

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“I want to make a difference and positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.”

I have been very fortunate in my life. I started from humble beginnings and have never forgotten the challenges I faced as a young person. And as a rugby player overcoming the obstacles to become the first black Springbok in the “new” South Africa. My Foundation is my opportunity to “pay it forward”. What better way to give back than to help young people who are just beginning the journey? As our team takes our Foundation to a higher level of quality, impact, organisation, and value. We want each of our supporters to know just how special and valued your contributions are. You are vital to the continued expansion of our mission to positively transform the quality of the lives of people, especially children.”

Chester Williams

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